Here’s Where You Can Buy the Flattering Tank Top Michael B. Jordan Wears on Our Cover
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You already own a basic ribbed tank top you bought at a drugstore that’s dwelling somewhere in the dark depths of your underwear drawer. But when was the last time it saw the light of day? The seams might be unravelling a bit, the fabric might have stretched to a misshapen mess, and who actually knows when that yellow-hued pit stain first appeared—but hey, it was affordable and it got the job done. (This is a no-judgement zone here at MH, folks.) Before you decide it’s time to pick up a replacement with laundry detergent and a pack of Ice Breakers mints, we—as in the team at Men’s Health and our new cover star, Michael B. Jordan—would like to bring your attention to Mack Weldon’s best-selling 18-Hour Jersey Rib Tank, a top-notch undershirt that belongs front and center in your dresser drawer.

If you’ve been maintaining a sculpted physique during quarantine (like MBJ) and happen to find yourself in a warm, sunny paradise (also like MBJ), this soft ribbed top will be the most important piece of clothing to have on hand for any style situation. Whether you don it with swim trunks for surfside hangs or layer it under a short-sleeved button down for slightly more put-together beach style, Mack Weldon’s tank top has the perfect silhouette to showcase your Cut, Ripped, Jacked, or Swole bod.

“Besides the slim-fit shape that hugs the torso just right, it has the perfect shoulder strap width to flatter the muscle definition of both your shoulders and chest,” says Men’s Health Fashion Director Ted Stafford. “Mack Weldon did a great job of modernizing the iconic shirt, keeping the classic look every guy loves, but making it even softer by using an innovative stretch fabric blend—you’ll never want to take it off.”

If you’re a Mack Weldon fan, you already know the brand puts a lot of thought into their product—and the 18-Hour Jersey Rib Tank is no exception. The brand actually waits 18 hours before cutting the fabric into a tank silhouette, which is how long it takes for the material to fully expand, creating the perfect fit that won’t lose its shape (even after repeated wear). And speaking of the fabric blend, Mack Weldon’s jersey incorporates breathable, classic cotton with silky-yet-durable modal and a dose of stretchy Lycra, creating a killer combo that puts any cheap shirt to shame.

For the quality Mack Weldon delivers, the tank is well worth its price. Order one today from the comfort of your home to be a bit more like Mike, and while you’re at it, use that time you planned for your drugstore run to clear some dresser space—who knows what else is back there, amirite?

Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey Rib Tank

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