How to get the Icy Grappler in Fortnite Season 8 and what it does


Fortnite’s new Icy Grappler allows players to swing around the map and slide into battle. Here’s where you can find it in Season 8.


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fortnite icy grappler

Epic Games has added a new mobility tool that allows players to swing around the map and slide into battle. Here is where you can find the new Icy Grappler in Fortnite Season 8.

Fortnite has slowly added new content week by week over the course of Season 8. New characters have appeared on the island, and each week features new items.

Some items are voted on by players and are added as soon as the vote ends. Other mythic items are included in the weekly updates. These items often have special abilities that add fun elements to gameplay.

That’s the case for Fortnite’s new Icy Grappler. With this new utility, players can traverse the map like a web-slinging superhero. However, your feet will be colder afterward and you might have trouble sticking the landing.

fortnite grappler in use

How to get the Icy Grappler in Season 8

Players can purchase Fortnite’s new Icy Grappler from the Fabio Sparklemane NPC. He is located at Apres Ski which is in the southern portion of the map. The Icy Grappler costs 300 gold bars.

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However, players can’t buy the Icy Grappler yet. Epic Games added the new weapon to Fortnite’s files after the v18.30 update. Fortnite will release the Icy Grappler officially at a later date.

How to use the Icy Grappler

Fortnite’s new Icy Grappler is a mix of the Classic Grappler and the Freeze Trap. Players can use it to traverse the map or gain high ground. However, this increased mobility comes at a cost.

When a player uses the Icy Grappler, their feet will be encased in ice blocks. This will make players slide when they land and will make their movement slippery. But moving at full speed after using the Icy Grappler could work in the player’s favor.

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The Fortnite Crew Pack skins for September, October, and November come with secret bonus styles, and here’s how to unlock them.


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October 27, 2021

fortnite crew pack bonus styles

The Fortnite Crew Pack skins for September, October, and November are a trio of Midas’ agents, and they all come with a secret bonus style.

Midas has found a way to stay relevant throughout most of Fortnite Chapter 2. He debuted in Chapter 2 Season 2, and has been very popular ever since. Epic Games has even released multiple interactions of his skin.

However, the handsome golden boy has come with his fair share of lore. This lore has even been expanded to the first three agents to join Midas’ cause. These skins have been given to Crew Pack members during September, October, and November of 2021.

The three agents are referred to as Midas’ First Enforcer, First Redeemed, and First Pardoned. They each come with their own set of items, but players can also unlock their secret bonus styles.

fortnite crew pack skins revealed

Unlocking Crew Pack Bonus Styles

The Fortnite Crew pack is a monthly subscription service that offers players exclusive skins. This means that if you don’t subscribe during a month, you will miss out on that month’s cosmetics forever.

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This is important to note because of the way players will unlock the Sept., Oct., and Nov. Fortnite Crew Pack bonus styles. In order to unlock them, players will need to own all three skins. If a player has all three skins in their locker, they will automatically unlock the bonus styles.

Here are the three skins you will need to unlock the bonus styles:

  • Burning Wolf Skin – Subscribe to Fortnite Crew during September 2021
  • Choas Origin Skin – Subscribe to Fortnite Crew during October 2021
  • Sierra Skin – Subscribe to Fortnite Crew during November 2021

Sadly, this means if you missed a month, you can’t redeem the bonus style. These Fortnite Crew bonus styles are prestigious cosmetics that players will likely wear to flex on other players. However, the base skins aren’t the most popular as of now.

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Epic Games has officially revealed the Fortnite Season 8 secret Battle Pass skin. Here is how to unlock the Cube Queen skin in Fortnite.


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October 26, 2021

fortnite cube queen skin

The Fortnite Season 8 secret Battle Pass skin has been revealed, and here is how to get the Cube Queen skin in Fortnite.

Fortnite has made a tradition each season of withholding one of the skins included in the Battle Pass. Sometimes Epic Games will reveal the skin early. Other times, it will keep the skin’s design a secret.

For Season 8, Fortnite only gave players a silhouette of the skin to start. During the trailer for the Fortnitemares 2021 event, Fortnite revealed the Cube Queen skin.

While the Cube Queen is a part of the Season 8 Battle Pass, players can’t unlock it just by leveling up. Like every other secret skin, the Cube Queen has special unlock criteria.

fortnite v18.21 patch notes

Unlock Fortnite Cube Queen skin

The first page of Cube Queen challenges has been unlocked, and players can already start earning the secret Battle Pass cosmetic set.

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More Cube Queen cosmetics, including alternate styles for the skin, will release at a later date. For now, here are all of the Cube Queen challenges and cosmetics players can unlock in Fortnite.

Cube Queen Challenges Page 1

  • Survive five storm circles while carrying a Sideways weapon – Cube Queen Skin
  • Eliminate a player with a Sideways Minigun – Last Cube Standing Emoticon
  • Shakedown two opponents – The Queen’s Court Loading Screen
  • Use a Shadow Stone or Flopper to phase for three seconds – Last Reality Matrix Back Bling
  • Complete all of The Cube Queen quests on Page 1 – Obliterator Cosmetic Style

Cube Queen Challenges Page 1

  • Deal 150 Damage to players with the Sideways Scythe – Reality Render Pickaxe
  • Complete a Bounty from a Bounty Board – Regal Visage Spray
  • Get two player headshots with a Sideways Rifle – Queen’s Anthem Lobby Track
  • Glide in he smoke stacks at Steamy Stacks – Queen’s Procession Glider
  • Complete all of The Cube Queen quests on Page 2 – Islandbane Cosmetic Style

The Cube Queen Fortnite skin has three different styles. Players might unlock all three once they unlock the skin. However, Fortnite has locked the style variants behind more quests.

fortnite cube queen

It’s time to head to the Island and unlock the new Cube Queen cosmetics. Until then, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this season’s secret skin. Share with us on Twitter @FortINTEL.

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Fortnite Season 8 is here, and the NPCs have shuffled around the map. Here are all Fortnite characters locations for the new season.


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October 21, 2021

fortnite character locations season 8 thumbnail

Characters returned to Fortnite in Season 8. Here are all of the Fortnite character locations in the new season, along with which ones offer upgrades, prop disguises, bounties, and more.

Fortnite first introduced NPCs in Season 5, with the large-scale overhaul of the economy. NPCs are back once again in Season 8, and they are just as useful as they have been in previous seasons.

However, with the return of the Punch Card system, NPCs are more important than ever. Players will need to find and talk with NPCs to start questlines. These quests are the main way players will earn XP throughout the season.

Without further ado, here are all of the Fortnite Character locations in Season 8.

fortnite season 8 battle pass trailer

Fortnite Season 8 character list

Here is a list of all of the Fortnite characters and their locations in Season 8. As well, this list details what each character sells and offers players. The bold offers are Mythic weapons.

Character NameLocationOffers
Baba YagaDampy DishNew Brew Quest Line
Fabio SparklemaneApres SkiParty Locale Quest Line
Dark JonesySteamy StacksSpooky Story Quest Line, Rift
KorMisty MeadowsSniper Elite Quest Line, Automatic Sniper
DuskSouth of Primal PondVampire Combat Quest Line, Shadow Tracker Pistol, Disguise
TorinCap’n Carp Delivery TruckMonster Research Quest Line, Reveal Future Storm Circle
KitbashDirty DocksMaking Friends Quest Line
MadcapCorny Crops (East)Mushroom Master Quest Line
PennyRetail Row (West)Build Passion Quest Line
PitstopBoney BurbsStunt Training Quest Line, Dragon’s Breath Sniper, Reveal Future Storm Circle
CharlottePleasant ParkIO Heist Quest Line, Rail Gun
Scuba JonesyCoral Castle/Coral CoveSurf Turf Quest Line, Rail Gun
Cube AssassinSideways AnomaliesHostile, Mythic Sideways Minigun
J.B. ChimpanskiWeather StationWar Effort Quest Line, Rail Gun, Reveal Future Storm Circle
Toona FishViking VesselHue-ge Discovery Quest Line
The BratFork Knife Food TruckHot Dog Quest Line, Chug Cannon
WrathWest of Deep Woods DishEscaped Tenant Quest Line, Reveal Future Storm Circle, Marksman Six Shooter
Big MouthPizza PitTooth Ache Quest Line
Grim FableWasted WoodsWolf Activity Quest Line
NitehareWeather StationHop Awake Quest Line, Rift
RavenHyrdo 16Dark Skies Quest Line, Rift
DireCamp CodWolf Pack Quest Line
RagsyRisky ReelsShield Technique Quest Line
Ariana GrandeBeliever BeachMonster Hunter Quest
Containment SpecialistCamp CodGhostbuster Quest
Cube QueenThe ConvergenceBoss Fight

Fortnite characters locations Season 8 map

Luckily, the folks at Fortnite.GG has an interactive map of all of the NPCs in Season 8.

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Here’s a map of all of the NPCs in Fortnite Season 8. We’ll keep this updated over the course of the season as more appear or are found around the map. Bigfoot, for instance, is missing from this list. We’re not sure whether that’s because he isn’t there or just hasn’t been found yet.

  • Disguised man: offers a prop disguise
  • Pink Rift: allows you to activate a Rift
  • Yellow Cloud: Reveal Future Storm Circle
fortnite character locations season 8

Compared to seasons past, the number of Fortnite character locations in Season 8 is very minimal. As well, players can no longer upgrade weapons through NPCs. The pool of Mythic weapons has also been minimized.

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