I hope you like monotony, because The Tick on SNES and Genesis is crammed full of it

Licensed games are sort of a low-hanging fruit in terms of kusoge, and I have no shame in picking them. They have always, always been hit or miss. You either get a developer that loves the property and tries to do it justice, or you get someone that’s just cranking games out of contractual obligation. That’s why, on one hand, we have Batman on the NES, which is awesome, while on the other hand, we have Predator on the NES, which is the video game equivalent of drinking a warm glass of garbage water.
Then there are these games that are in between. They’re not horrible, someone on the team obviously had some affection for the license, but somewhere along the line, something was lacking. Maybe it was talent, maybe it was vision, or maybe it was corporate meddling. The Tick on SNES and Genesis is one such game. It’s not completely bad at first glean, but dig too far beneath the frosting on top, and you wind up eating sand.

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