I’m trying to play on my brand new Nokia 1220 and the game is running so smooth despite the screen becoming overcrowded with HP bars, is there a way to remove it? (my resolution is 84×84)

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Try bringing this issue to Nokia support. I’m sure they get this all the time

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RIP, there goes my morning coffee 😂

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Let’s just begin with asking: “Why?”

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so you are the ADC in my every second game..

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Good at micro bad at macro?

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How does the Nokia 1220 even have a colored display?

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· 3h

That’s what I was thinking

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Nokia 1220

A Nokia 1220 is also only an 84×48 display

It’s a cool story though

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· 1h

I’m a fuggin healer, me lad

That’s the neat part: it doesn’t.

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He just coded the color in duh

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We don’t say “colored” anymore.


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