Instant Karma! Fake glove touch results in scary KO

Ben Doster learned a painful, and public, lesson last week.

The British fighter appeared in the co-main event of BFC1, where he took on Dagestani Umakhan Ibragimov. The fight only lasted five seconds and ended in one of the more brutal head kick KOs we’ve seen in recent MMA.

However, what happened just before the KO is what makes this even more noteworthy. Watch below as Doster offers to touch gloves with Ibragimov, but only so he can lure his opponent in for an opportune leg kick.

Ibragimov checks the kick, and protects his head, before stepping back and rifling off the head kick that would end the bout. Doster, who didn’t protect his head at all in the fight, stiffens immediately and crashes to the canvas like a felled tree.

That win took Ibragimov to 4-1 on his career. The featherweight, nicknamed ‘The Scorpion’, has three other wins by KO/TKO.

This fight was Doster’s pro debut. Let’s hope he learns to keep his hands up in the future, whether it’s to touch gloves or protect himself from someone’s shin.

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