Jake Paul blasts MMA fighters after beating Tyron Woodley: ‘You guys cannot box for sh*t’

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Jake Paul has taken another shot at MMA fighters, but this time, he has critiqued their boxing skills.

Paul, the brash YouTuber-turned-boxer, has made it clear he wants to box MMA fighters and a lot of MMA fighters want to box him. Paul is coming off a split decision victory over Tyron Woodley and before that, he knocked out Ben Askren in the first round.

In the lead-up to his bout with Woodley, Paul had heard all the talk that Woodley has KO power and is a good boxer. After the fight, many MMA fighters have called out Paul and they claim the YouTuber is scared to fight him, which he says is not true.

“The notion that these MMA fighters think that I’m scared of them is just funny or that I’m running away?” Paul said on MMA Fighting’s MMA Hour. “Guys, I’ve fought four times in the past two years. You can’t even really fight more than that if you’re doing big fights. I’m going to back-to-back-to-back on these b*tch ass MMA fighters. Like, line them up, I will take all of them down. You guys cannot box. I outboxed five-time UFC f*cking champion. Vitor Belfort didn’t even get close to winning that many championships. The notion that you guys are scared.

“You guys cannot box for sh*t. There is not one moment in the fight where Tyron was outboxing me. Not one,” Paul continued. “The notion that you guys are scared. I just took out one of your best fighters, Hall of Fame of all time and sh*t all over him on a bad night on a hyperextended elbow. So f*ck all of you.”

Jake Paul does not have his next fight booked but he has hinted at it being Tommy Fury. However, he will be looking to take some time off and make his next fight a big one, which all of his bouts have been.

What do you make of Jake Paul blasting MMA fighters over their boxing skill?

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