Janice Dean on the EPIC new Reuters photo of Gov. Cuomo: ‘You know it’s bad when you’re wearing a blankie’

Yes, this photo of Gov. Andrew Cuomo outside the governor’s mansion in Albanay is real and it’s from today:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo walks on the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion following allegations that he had sexually harassed young women, in Albany. Photo by Angus Mordant pic.twitter.com/8KuRbXyuNL

— corinne_perkins (@corinne_perkins) March 12, 2021

This was snapped a short time after Senators Schumer and Gillibrand called for his resignation:

Not long after New York Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand issued a joint statement calling on Cuomo to resign: https://t.co/EhI8vu9E9B https://t.co/2j8f18wHwT

— Amy B Wang (@amybwang) March 12, 2021

It’s his new official portrait!

We now have his official portrait figured out! https://t.co/qlwKEVsUvb

— New York GOP (@NewYorkGOP) March 12, 2021

It’s like the Bernie meme from the inauguration, but the exact opposite of that:

The evil version of the Bernie with mittens meme. https://t.co/X32uhd2LBJ

— Kumar Rao (@KumarRaoNYC) March 12, 2021

Janice Dean called it his “blankie”:

You know it’s bad when you’re wearing a blankie https://t.co/ZNw2R8TCDc

— Janice Dean (@JaniceDean) March 12, 2021


The 15,000 dead seniors and the cover up is probably also contributing to his blankie

— Janice Dean (@JaniceDean) March 12, 2021

You know it’s bad when even Keith Olbermann is mocking you:

I realize this is not among the top 10 issues raised by this man or this photo, but at the time it was taken it was a balmy 55 degrees or so which is not exactly “I’m freezing hand me that throw rug” weather https://t.co/gZygCfC5mz

— Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) March 12, 2021

Some are calling it a shawl, not a blankie:

The shawl is cancel couture. https://t.co/DqkyVOpPKI

— Eric Columbus (@EricColumbus) March 12, 2021

Or a rug?

The rug as scarf is cancel couture https://t.co/bnElD7Msxe

— Adam Blickstein (@AdamBlickstein) March 12, 2021

“Insanity defense” is next:

He’s pivoting to the Vinnie “the Chin” Gigante insanity defense?! https://t.co/ghpaOtFPOz

— Harmeet K. Dhillon (@pnjaban) March 12, 2021


Same energy pic.twitter.com/Xg5ZNYUz5K

— Blame Big Government (@BlameBigGovt) March 12, 2021

And what’s in his hand? We’re seeing people say it’s Saratoga bottled water:

Cuomo with a blanket on clutching a bottle of Saratoga https://t.co/ZcIG5G2B5O

— Myles Miller (@MylesMill) March 12, 2021

Buzzkill. This would’ve been the best photo ever if that was alcohol.


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