Jeff Bezos Wants Blue Origin Shuttles to Become Reusable, Like Airliners

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Co.
Trying to Turn Space Travel
Into a commercial flight (eventually)

7/19/2021 7:22 AM PT

Jeff Bezos says he wants his virgin trip to space to become something everyday people can do on the regs — almost like catching an airline flight … which his company is aiming to do through their shuttles.

The richest man on Earth made the morning media rounds Monday, including a chat with Michael Strahan of ‘GMA’ — who went down the line, introducing the 3 others accompanying Bezos to space Tuesday and hyping their launch.

82-year-old astronaut Wally Funk said she felt like her life dream was coming full circle; 18-year-old Oliver Daemen said he hoped he could serve as an inspiration for the youth, and Mark Bezos said he was excited to go on yet another adventure with his sibling … with this trip obviously being the ultimate.

Standard pre-maiden trip to space kinda stuff — but Jeff also dropped some new insight into Blue Origins plans with their shuttles — namely, that they’re planning to turn the spacecrafts eco-friendly by making them reusable for repeated voyages going forward.

He compared it to commercial airliners that zip back and forth in the skies now — explaining that he and BO hope to get to that type of efficiency in the near future. So … that’s neat.

The implication (we think) is that it hopefully won’t cost folks an arm and a leg to get up there one day. No telling what type of eventual price tag Bezos has in mind — but if they’re serious about the rinse and repeat approach … maybe there’s a future Groupon coming???

It’ll all depend on how Tuesday’s mission goes.

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