Jon Heder Comedy ‘Tapawingo’ Wraps Production

EXCLUSIVE: Filming on the comedy film Tapawingo from Foggy Bottom Pictures has wrapped production in Hopeville, VA.

Jon Heder shoots “Tapawingo.”
Dylan K. Narang

The ensemble cast includes Jon Heder, Billy Zane, Gina Gershon, Chris Gethard, Kim Matula, Jay Pichardo, John Ratzenberger, Amanda Bearse, George Psarras, Paul Psarras, Sawyer Williams, Luke Barnett and Chad Dukes among others.

“I wanted to make a movie like the ones I love watching on repeat at home,” writer-director Dylan K. Narang said. “Jon, Jay, Kim, the Psarras, Chad, Chris Gethard, Luke, Reji — they all made my job easy because they’re all naturally funny and I think it really shows in the film. I can’t wait for people to watch it.”

Tapawingo follows a 30-year-old oddball named Nate Skoog (Heder) who works a dead-end mailroom job and still lives in his mom’s house. When Nate’s boss orders him to pick up his social misfit son, Oswalt (Sawyer Williams), from school— it becomes clear the kid is being bullied.

Luke Barnett
Luke Barnett in Tapawingo.
Dylan K. Narang

Nate finally gets the opportunity to do what he’s always wanted: mercenary for hire. Nate forms a team of crack-shot wackadoos to protect Oswalt from the town’s family of bullies who seem to have taken an especially keen liking to his client.

The film is currently seeking distribution.

Tapawingo is directed by Narang who also served as writer alongside Brad DeMarea, both of who are also executive producers. Narang and Jeffrey Robinson produced under their Foggy Bottom Pictures banner.

More images from production can be found below.

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