JPMorgan continues Blockchain push as bank amps up new hiring

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Traditional banks have stopped shying away from nascent technologies of late after their proven impact in the financial space. Traditional banks have been a surprise adopter of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies with some players like JPMorgan doubling down on their blockchain-related job openings.

Being one of the largest banks in the United States comes with its own reach and several peripheral effects. Adopting blockchain technology into their fold coupled with the support from cryptocurrency enthusiasts, JPMorgan has set its sights high for the imminent blockchain race. Recently, the bank opened multiple job positions on its website to pursue its “global development efforts”.

Of the listings, a majority were related to JPMorgan’s digital asset focussed Onyx branch. The Onyx division of the bank made news earlier when it became one of the few major subgroups in the world to channel digital assets into the mainstream financial framework. Sources further showed that the opportunities were located worldwide, all the way from the US to Hong Kong.

Other job openings were in connection with Link, JPMorgan’s native blockchain-based interbank data network. The link includes major banks from all trading spheres. Just recently, the State Bank of India had joined the Link roster which also includes both state-owned and private institutions.

Another area that JPMorgan looked at was tapping the use of Proof-of-Stake algorithms and their advantages. The bank’s focus on the digital asset industry comes at a time when it was looking at better its own JPMCoin. JPMorgan’s crypto push was a U-turn on its earlier stance on digital assets. The positive sentiment rode on analyst comments that said Bitcoin could be the new alternative to gold soon.

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