This BPA-free toy has and is recommended for babies and toddlers ages 10 months+.

Promising review:I bought this toy for a long-haul plane ride (12 hours) with a 15-month-old child. It was the perfect toy as there were no parts to lose, and she loved it! It was just challenging enough to keep her occupied for small chunks of time. When we arrived at our destination, she continued to play with it. It’s great for restaurants and at home. Once she pushed all the ‘dimples’ through to one side, she would turn it over and start again. It’s also small enough to pop into a pocket or bag for transport. Excellent toy!” —EK

Promising review:This toy is so simple yet very versatile. I’m a pediatric physical therapist, who works with infants with special needs. I bought this toy to use for work to keep babies busy and to use as motivation. I use it for tracking, motivation, teething, reaching, hand and arm strengthening. Surprisingly however, the older children I work with, many school aged with Autism also love this toy! It provides wonderful sensory input and sensory stimulation but also acts as a perfect fidget toy for all ages. THE ONLY DOWN SIDE: This toy needs a strap!!! to hook onto strollers or diaper bags, so it doesn’t get lost.” —cmrvs

Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

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