Justice Department unseals charges against 2nd Oath Keeper seen with Roger Stone

Joshua James of Alabama is accused of entering the Capitol illegally on Jan. 6.

March 10, 2021, 3:08 AM

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According to the FBI affidavit for James’ arrest, he was identified in photos taken inside the U.S. Capitol, wearing a black hat with the words “Oath Keepers,” as well as a distinctive badge and orange paracord.

According to court records, James was arrested Tuesday in Alabama, where prosecutors in a U.S. attorney’s office have requested he be detained pending further legal proceedings in his case.

James is facing charges of obstruction of Congress and unlawful entry. He did not have an attorney listed for him as of Tuesday evening.

The FBI’s affidavit describes James as joining with other Oath Keepers who “served as a security detail for a speaker at the ‘Stop the Steal‘ rallies and events” on Jan. 5 and 6, without specifically identifying the speaker’s name.

On Monday, Robert Minuta of New York was arrested on charges in connection with the Capitol riot, after video first unearthed by ABC News showed him and other Oath Keepers flanking Stone on the morning of Jan. 6 outside a Washington hotel.

Minuta, who also faces charges of obstruction of Congress and unlawful entry, has not yet entered a plea in his case and was released on bond by a New York magistrate judge.

In a statement to ABC News on Monday, Stone denied knowing Minuta and said he was not “familiar with his name prior to his being identified in earlier media stories where it was alleged that he was involved in illegal events up at the Capitol.”

“If he was indeed among those who volunteered to provide security while I visited Washington, D.C., I was unaware of it,” Stone said.

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