KSI remains undecided on his boxing future after losing a close decision to Tommy Fury earlier this month.

The 30-year-old YouTuber and influencer hasn’t set foot back in the gym since the Fury fight, but he hasn’t necessarily closed the door on another fight. For now, he is just enjoying the break from an intense training schedule.

“Right now, I feel like I’ve retired,” KSI said on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast. “It’s weird. I haven’t trained since the fight. I’ve just enjoyed my life. It’s weird. It’s all these things that I would normally do, and I can relax.

“I think for right now, I’m kind of just enjoying myself. Yeah, we’ll see [about fighting again]. My girlfriend has loved [the time off]. She’s like, ‘He’s back finally!’ We can go out to the restaurant and eat, and he can eat anything! We can go on holiday. We can vibe.”

If he does return to fight again, KSI knows the marquee matchup on everybody’s mind remains the showdown against Jake Paul. Their rivalry has only intensified in recent months, especially after Paul ripped KSI for acting like the “sorest loser in the world” following his fight with Fury.

The disdain they share only seems to raise the interest in that potential matchup, and KSI knows there is a lot riding on that fight.

“It’s a huge fight, especially because the ego is on the line,” KSI said. “Not even money, fame, whatever. It’s the ego. It’s pride. Who is going to be the YouTuber that falls down? That’s why everyone is like, ‘I need this.’”

As much as the world wants to see KSI vs. Jake Paul, there’s definitely one person who would prefer it never happens: Logan Paul.

While they shared their own rivalry through two previous fights, Logan eventually befriended KSI, and they later started a business together after launching Prime Energy Drink.

Now, the elder Paul is almost stuck as the man in the middle.

“I would be fine with [that fight] not happening,” Paul said. “My only thing is I don’t love how much you and Jake don’t like each other. It’s not a super fun position for me. There’s too much on the line. I’m telling you it’s impossible [for that fight to happen].”

Despite potential obstacles, KSI could still realistically clash with Jake Paul in the ring and perhaps that would put their rivalry to bed — much like what happened to spark a friendship with Logan Paul.

“There’s one way the beef fan be solved,” Paul joked. “Unfortunately, it’s through a fight that will end in a tie, and then another fight where one of them loses by one point, and then they start a drink company.”

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