WWE US Champion Logan Paul took to X on February 24th, immediately after Elimination Chamber at Perth to post a clip from his EC match. The clip featured The Maverick delivering a Knock Out punch to The Viper and was uploaded with a tweet, “RKO=Randy Knocked Out

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What does this mean for Randy Orton and WWE? Well, WWE is indeed setting them up for a match at WrestleMania, and fans can expect the US Championship to be on the line as well. The two superstars were together in the ring as the last three contestants alongside Drew McIntyre. While Logan Paul had his hopes high to win the match, it was an RKO out of nowhere that pinned him down for a three-count.

Agitated by the sudden ouster from the match, Paul turned to his heel shenanigans to cost Orton a World title opportunity and set him up for a feud against the Legend Killer.

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