zero halliburton edge lightweight attaché

Zero Halliburton

The world is opening up and, for many of us, the first thing on our minds is how to get out of town, especially with the summer coming up. Buried under all of our sweatpants and sweatshirts we bought in the pandemic is our luggage, dusty and squished from months of neglect. If you want to get stoked about heading out on vacation again, you can spice up the most tedious aspect of prepping for a trip, packing, with a new suitcase or two.

Most of the time, premium luggage will put a big dent in your wallet. However, it turns out that right now is a great time to buy some of the best bags around. Zero Halliburton is offering 30 percent off the brand’s premium luggage, including the polycarbonate Edge Lightweight line. Check out some of our favorite suitcases included in the sale below.


26-Inch Spinner Travel Case

Zero Halliburton

$1,050 $735 (30% OFF)

Journal Collection Nylon Expandable Briefcase

Zero Halliburton

$395 $277 (30% OFF)

International Carry-On Case

Zero Halliburton

$475 $333 (30% OFF)

Journal Collection Nylon Tote

Zero Halliburton

$355 $256 (28% OFF)

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