Man in Guangzhou Refuses COVID Test, Attacks Police with a Fork

A man in Guangzhou, surnamed Xiao, attacked a police officer with an iron fork after refusing a COVID-19 test, according to GRT Radio. 

On June 6, representatives from the public security bureau in Guangzhou’s Conghua district and from the relevant government department went to the hotel room in which Xiao was a guest. 

They knocked on the door and told Xiao he needed to undergo a nucleic acid test. The man refused their request for more than one hour. 

Eventually, as he was undergoing the test, he attacked a police officer with an iron fork. He was later criminally detained on suspicion of assault. 

At a recent Guangzhou COVID-19 prevention and control press conference, Yang Bingsheng, the deputy director of the Guangzhou municipal public security bureau, made clear that non-cooperative behavior regarding COVID-19 prevention measures could be considered a criminal offense. 

According to Yang, such behavior includes failure to wear masks in public places, failure to accept epidemiological investigation, failure to cooperate with sample collection procedures and failure to comply with measures implemented during home and centralized quarantine. 

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There has been a rise in COVID-19 cases in Guangzhou and neighboring Foshan in recent weeks, with 13 mid-risk areas and two high-risk areas as of press time. 

In response, authorities have ordered mass testing, closure of certain venues and home and centralized quarantine, if necessary. 

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