Meet Your New TLC Obsession, Addicted to Marriage

Watch the first trailer for TLC’s newest relationship series, Addicted to Marriage, which premieres Tuesday, Nov. 16.

TLC’s “Addicted to Marriage” Exclusive First Look

Here comes the bride—for the twelfth time.

TLC is back at it again with a new show that we are sure to tune in to when it premieres Tuesday, Nov. 16. Addicted to Marriage stars four women—named Monette, Shae, Amy and Kecia—that simply, well, love love. In fact, as the show name indicates, they’re addicted to it.

With a collective 20 marriages, it’s safe to say that this cast has said “yes to the dress” more than the average bride. TLC’s Randy Fenoli would be proud—and, if we’re being honest, we’re equally impressed! Teach us your ways, ladies.

E! News has obtained an exclusive first look at the series, which includes accusations of “manipulative” behavior and “inappropriate relationships.” The tea is piping hot, and we are here for it.

In the promo, Shae, a 30-year-old from California, is seen asking her boyfriend Joe to sign a relationship contract. The document has some basic demands, such as requesting that they “remain faithful to each other” and “take full accountability” of their actions.

But at the bottom of the list? Shae requests that they “allow each other to spend an unlimited amount of money without any restrictions.” Sounds like a red flag to us, Joe.


As the saying goes, you have to marry a few frogs in order to find your Prince Charming! Or, er, something like that.

Have these ladies found “Mr. Right” or just “Mr. Right Now”? We can’t wait to find out on November 16.

While we wait for the premiere, be sure to check out the exclusive trailer for yourself above. Oh, and you can also pass the time by binging Say Yes to the Dress.

Addicted to Marriage premieres Tuesday, Nov. 16 at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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