Fans eager to jump into the upcoming Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection can pre-purchase the digital PC version for just $51 (normally $60) from Green Man Gaming, and can drop the price to just $49.19 using the promo code JAN18 at checkout.

The Battle Network Legacy Collection includes all 10 games in the series that originally launched for the GameBoy Advance throughout the early 2000s. Unlike traditional Mega Man games, Mega Man Battle Network is a series of story-driven RPGs with random battles where players take on enemies using a customizable deck of cards. The series is set in an alternate timeline where almost everything in the world is connected to an internet-like cyberspace network. Players swap between the protagonist Lan Hakari and his “NetNavi” avatar, MegaMan.EXE, and battle against hackers, terrorists, and rivals.

Along with the many games in the series, The Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection includes new online multiplayer functionality for fans of the competitive combat modes, plus enhanced visuals, an in-game music player, and more.

This deal is only for the full collection on Steam, but Capcom is also offering the collection split between two volumes for $40 each. All preorders include the “Custom PET Pack” as a bonus. The pack comes with two unique cosmetic skins that change Mega Man’s 3D model on the menu screen, plus four rearranged music tracks you can listen to with the collection’s in-game music player.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection launches on April 14 for PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

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