‘Meow Mix ReMix’ Is the Collectible LP You Didn’t Know You Needed
My cat with the Meow Mix ReMix LP
Meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow … Andrew Heinzman

Record collectors tend to focus on classic albums from legendary artists, but there’s nothing better than an obscure, bizarre, limited edition LP. And the new Meow Mix ReMix album is just that—a strange 12-inch record containing just over 2 minutes of reworked Meow Mix jingles (and a coupon for free cat food). At just $10, you need to add this thing to your record collection ASAP.

Note: A listing glitch on Amazon is preventing people from ordering the Meow Mix ReMix LP. We’ll update this article when the record is available.

Based on the digital Meow Mix ReMix collection (you can stream it on Spotify), the collectible Meow Mix ReMix LP contains five short songs based on the classic Meow Mix jingle. There’s the pop-radio tune from seminal artist Luna, a head-pounding metal track from Endless Hiss, and of course, a Nashville rendition of the Meow Mix jingle from country singer and alleyway heartthrob Heart & Paws.

But be warned, each track on the Meow Mix ReMix LP is just 30-seconds long. The 12-inch record contains just over 2 minutes of music, meaning that most of its A-side and the entirety of its B-side are completely blank. Even if you’re a big fan of the Meow Mix jingle, Meow Mix ReMix is more of a collector’s item.

Meow Mix ReMix is available for $10 at Amazon. You can pre-order the vinyl now to get it in April, along with a coupon for a free bag of Meow Mix’s new Tasty Layers cat food. Remember, this is a rare, collectible LP, so grab now it before it’s gone for good.

Meow Mix ReMix

Put your paws together for Luna, Gatocito, Hearts & Paws, and other feline musicians featured on the collectible Meow Mix ReMix LP!

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