Midwest Spring Gardening Tips

//Midwest Spring Gardening Tips
Midwest Spring Gardening Tips

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There’s no question that the Midwest is known for its brutally cold weather. But after a seemingly never-ending winter, the spring gardening season is extremely welcome.

Use these tips to help take advantage of the region’s desirably fertile soil and ensure that your garden is in tip-top shape this season.

dried flowers

Start cleaning up your garden from the winter by clipping off faded blossoms. Brown foliage can be an eyesore and can distract admirers from a pretty spring garden.

flower bulb

Plant forced bulbs, which you can find at local garden centers, in outdoor planters. Flowers like daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths will fare the best.

person pulling weeds

In the beginning of April, keep an eye out for the early signs of weeds. Applying pre-emergent organic weed killer will help you get rid of them before they become overwhelming.

If you do come across smaller weeds, try to pull them after it rains when the soil is wet. You can throw them in your compost bin to contribute to a nourishing soil.

For color in early May, choose plants that can handle the well-known chilly Midwest nights. Snapdragons, sweet alyssum, pansies, and fragrant flowering stock can handle the colder weather better than other plants.

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