Modder Turns Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Into a Five-Cartridge Game Boy Advance Movie
A modder has turned Christopher Nolan’s Tenet into a five-cartridge Game Boy Advance Video movie…for some reason.YouTuber Bob Wulff, who posted a video about this Tenet mod to his WulffDen YouTube channel, called his video, “I put Tenet on a GBA Video cartridge out of spite,” as originally reported by Engadget. This is likely an allusion to Nolan’s persistence that Tenet be watched in a theater despite a global pandemic.

The “out of spite” part, however, seems to be more of a tongue-in-cheek joke as Wulff is often seen creating video game consoles and accessory mods on his channel, but it’s an incredible feat nonetheless and certainly one that Nolan likely wouldn’t approve of.Tenet on Game Boy Advance Video, Photo Credit: @BobWulff

Tenet on Game Boy Advance Video, Photo Credit: @BobWulff on Twitter

Nolan told Collider last year that Tenet “is a film whose image and sound really needs to be enjoyed in your theaters on the big screen,” and for some, this inspired them to go see the movie in theaters. For others, it inspired them to wait until it was released on-demand and on Blu-ray. For Wulff, it apparently inspired him to put it on some Game Boy Advance Video cartridges.

Wulff says in the video that his five-cartridge movie mod is “possibly the worst way to view Tenet,” and he’s probably right — in order to fit the movie onto the five cartridges, Wulff had to bring the bitrate down to 8 KB/s, the frame rate down to six frames per second, and the resolution down to 192×128.

The movie is on five cartridges because a single cartridge can only hold about 30 minutes of video in a “watchable state,” according to Wulff. Tenet’s runtime clocks in at exactly 150 minutes so it just barely fits on five cartridges. Wulff went so far as to add custom labels to each of the cartridges too.Tenet on Game Boy Advance, Photo Credit: @BobWulff

Tenet on Game Boy Advance, Photo Credit: @BobWulff on Twitter

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