My Life In Pictures: Before, During, and After a  Metastatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis

I can’t say that my childhood was anything less than perfect. This is what my life looked like then—and what it looks like now.

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    Courtesy of Dee Lakhani Shravah

    “It was all quite dreamy.”

    I grew up on Staten Island with my parents and my older sister. I excelled in school, and I was on the prom committee. I got scholarships to college and had my pick of schools to choose from. I spent summers going to India, where I was incredibly spoiled by my grandparents and relatives. It was all quite dreamy.

  • “I was very ambitious.”

    I was very ambitious when I was young. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew that I wanted to do something in finance and real estate. From a young age, I’d go to work with my dad in Manhattan, and I was fascinated with the city. I knew I wanted to live there one day.

  • Courtesy of Dee Lakhani Shravah

    One beginning

    JP Morgan hired me right out of college. And that was the beginning of my very successful 18-year career.

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