NCAA Football Rules Committee Recommends Changes to OT for 2021 Season

The College Football Playoff logo is shown on the field at AT&T Stadium before the Rose Bowl NCAA college football game between Notre Dame and Alabama in Arlington, Texas, Friday, Jan. 1, 2021. (AP Photo/Roger Steinman)

Roger Steinman/Associated Press

College football’s overtime rules could get a slight tweak for the 2021 season. 

Per, the NCAA Football Rules Committee has recommended a change to the overtime system that would require teams to go for a two-point conversion when a game reaches the second overtime. 

Additionally, if a game reaches the third overtime, teams would run alternate two-point conversions until there is a winner. 

The current rule gives teams possession of the ball at the opponent’s 25-yard line to start each overtime period, and they are required to go for a two-point conversion after every touchdown starting with the third overtime. 

The proposal does note that teams will still have the option to attempt an extra point or two-point conversion during the first overtime if the rule passes. 

Friday’s proposal about alternating two-point conversions is an amendment to a previous rule change made in 2019. That change requires teams to alternate conversion attempts rather than receive possession at the opponent’s 25-yard line starting with the fifth overtime period. 

The alternating two-point conversion rule has only been used once since it was implemented. Virginia Tech beat North Carolina 43-41 on Oct. 19, 2019, in a game that required six overtimes. Hokies quarterback Quincy Patterson converted a two-point attempt after the defense stopped North Carolina’s Sam Howell.

A final decision on the proposed rule change will be determined by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel during a meeting April 22. 

The NCAA adopted the overtime system that gives each team possession at the opponent’s 25-yard line starting with the 1996 season. 

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