The New York Jets made the surprise announcement on Wednesday that they had opened a 21-day practice window for quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has been sidelined with a torn Achilles. And people have questions.

The announcement was a surprise because almost everyone assumed that such an injury would have kept him out for the whole season. The injury occurred early in September.

But now, only 11 weeks after surgery, the team cautiously hopes the four-time MVP can return to the field.

“For Aaron, what he would be doing in practice is no different than what he’d be doing on the field with regard to certain drills in the individual – instead of throwing with staff members, he’s throwing with teammates,” Jets head coach Robert Saleh told reporters. “There’s no added risk to it. There’s certain things he’s been cleared for that we’re going to allow him to do.”

BREAKING: The #Jets have designated QB Aaron Rodgers to return from IR. He will now begin practicing with the team.

— Ari Meirov (@MySportsUpdate) November 29, 2023

Naturally, people have thoughts on the shocking news.

Some are skeptical, at the very least.

Aaron Rodgers explaining why he was able to come back from a torn achilles so quickly.

— Tyler Brooke (@TylerDBrooke) November 29, 2023

Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles on his first dropback

— coop (@LocalLegendCoop) November 29, 2023

Playing on a torn Achilles in your late 30’s to own the libs.

— Jake Louque (@jakelouque) November 29, 2023

As someone who has had Achilles tears on both legs, Aaron Rodgers MUST have been given a bionic tendon to recover so soon! I can’t believe, at his age, he’s recovered so quickly. Did he actually have a TEAR? If so, he’s damn near a medical miracle.

— Mike Hill (@ItsMikeHill) November 29, 2023

I’ll never doubt fornicating dolphins again

— Anthony Russo (@Anthony_Russo97) November 29, 2023

I wish I loved anything as much as Aaron Rodgers loves attention.

— The Value Formula (@finance_toolbox) November 29, 2023

Many others, of course, are discovering that this is the best time to make a few jokes and memes.

Aaron Rodgers when his practice window opens for the New York Jets:

— Moody (@EricNMoody) November 29, 2023

Aaron Rodgers explaining why he was able to come back from a torn achilles so quickly.

— Tyler Brooke (@TylerDBrooke) November 29, 2023

Aaron Rodgers This Morning:

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) November 29, 2023

Everybody seeing Aaron Rodgers cleared to practice just two months after tearing his achilles

— Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) November 29, 2023

Aaron Rodgers returning to the Jets

— Jordan Armel Branfort (@Armelgeddon) November 29, 2023

It’s only been 76 days since Aaron Rodgers had his surgery on his Achilles tear


That’s my QB#Jets

— Harrison Glaser (@NYJetsTFMedia) November 29, 2023

#AaronRodgers is back. Ish. #Jets

— All Pro Lines (@AllProLines) November 29, 2023

everybody on their way to place Aaron Rodgers Comeback Player of the Year tickets:

— FanDuel Sportsbook (@FDSportsbook) November 29, 2023

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