Omits Ray Rice From Arian Foster Video
#27 Jersey Cut Out Of Clip

5/12/2022 2:18 PM PT

The NFL omitted Ray Rice‘s jersey from a viral video that former Houston Texans star Arian Foster posted on Thursday morning.

In Foster’s clip, the ex-running back showed off a bevy of signed, game-worn jerseys that he had accumulated throughout his career.

cleaned my closet yesterday and ran across these. a journey indeed

— feeno (@ArianFoster) May 12, 2022

There were some big names in the pile — Jason Witten, Troy Polamalu, Andrew Luck, Tony Gonzalez and Ray Lewis — and, at one point, Rice’s uniform was revealed too.

However, when the official NFL Twitter account shared Arians’ vid, Rice’s jersey was edited out of the clip.

Twitter / @NFL, @ArianFoster

Foster noticed the change, and tweeted about it a short time later … saying, “lmao y’all cut out ray rice.”

It’s unclear what the league’s intentions were with the removal — it should be pointed out, they also left out a few other jerseys, including former Texans punter Shane Lechler‘s.

lmao y’all cut out ray rice

— feeno (@ArianFoster) May 12, 2022

But, it is certainly notable, considering the league’s history with Rice. You’ll recall, it suspended him indefinitely following his now-infamous elevator attack on his then-fiancee in Atlantic City in 2014, essentially ending the running back’s pro football career.

We’ve reached out to the league for comment on the omission … but so far, no word back yet.

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