Like every financial market, the cryptocurrency market experiences periods of highs and lows. While price dips are common in every market, investors are worried about the extreme price dips of Optimism (OP) and Aptos (APT). As a result, many investors are moving into Tradecurve, a project that offers high interest and returns.

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Dwindling On-Chain Activity Causes Drastic Price Dips for Optimism (OP)

Optimism is one of the most prominent layer-two blockchain scaling solutions built on top of Ethereum. Since the Ethereum mainnet launch that has increased its efficiency, the use of Optimism has slowly declined. 

In the last week, the daily on-chain volume of Optimism has reduced by a staggering 59%. As a result, the price of the Optimism crypto token has slowly declined. 

The price of Optimism is now 74% down from its all-time high as a result of the drastic price dip. The Optimism price prediction is mildly bullish. According to Changelly, Optimism (OP) will trade at $1.33 at the end of July – a 10% increase from the current price. With no real bullish event in sight, many investors are worried about the future of Optimism. 

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Aptos (APT) Token Unlock Approaches, Investors Concerned

Promising up to 100,000 transactions per second (TPS), the Aptos blockchain gathered massive support for its October 2022 launch. 

However, Aptos has failed to live up to the expectations of many investors, as crypto has struggled since then. The ties to FTX, which collapsed in November, also affected the price of Aptos.

From its ATH of $19.96, Aptos price is now down 65% and now trades at $7.06. However, Aptos has still not managed to break off the bearish reins, losing 7.2% over the last week. 

Many analysts predict the price dip could get worse ahead of a massive token unlock. With more than $80 million worth of Aptos scheduled to be unlocked this week, many investors fear a sell-off.

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Tradecurve (TCRV) Attracts Investors With Potential for 50x Returns

While Aptos and Optimism have been predominantly bearish, Tradecurve has been a stand-out performer. In June, the price of Tradecurve increased from $0.01 to $0.018, giving early investors an ROI of 80%. While these gains have attracted more than 12,500 new investors over the last couple of weeks, experts have predicted a 50x surge for TCRV in 2023.

The reason for the bullish prediction is the prospects of the market Tradecurve taps into. Tradecurve is building the first crypto trading platform where users will seamlessly trade derivative assets. 

Using just one account, Tradecurve users will be able to trade stocks, FX, options, CFDs, ETFs, and others. This means Tradecurve will be the bridge between crypto and the $632 trillion derivatives market. 

According to many experts, its connection with the biggest financial market gives Tradecurve more room for growth than other cryptos. Those who invested at the early stage are already recording an 80% ROI, but bigger gains are yet to come. Now trading at $0.018 per token, experts have forecasted a 50x price surge to see TCRV trade above $1 in 2023. 

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