Our 73 Best Potato Recipes, Just in Time for Carb Season

When it comes to the best potato recipes, we don’t discriminate. Mashed, scalloped, baked, lathered in mayo in a potato salad (our favorite kind of salad), or whizzed into a velvety soup—all potato iterations are welcome at the party. We’ve pulled together this list, which spans everything from the more, uh, unique potato recipes to easy potato recipes and potato main dishes, to help you make the most of these versatile workhorses. We’re talking about textural masterpieces like these crunchy-creamy smashed potatoes or this ultra-crispy golden potato cake. The showstopping sweet potato and cream cheese layer cake that’ll make you forget it’s packed with our fave orange veggie. And the bright and lemony tater-filled samosas that are virtually impossible to stop eating. Read on for our 73 best potato recipes—and, mind passing the salt?

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