Patrick Ewing is angry that security guards enforcing Covid-19 protocols keep checking his ID at Madison Square Garden

There’s a fake outrage brewing in New York City after former Knicks legend and current Georgetown Hoyas head coach Patrick Ewing fumed at security guards at Madison Square Garden for having the temerity of doing their jobs and checking his ID while his team is in town to play in the Big East tournament:

Patrick Ewing says he’s going to have to call James Dolan because he keeps getting asked about what passes he’s wearing and keeps getting stopped in the hallway. “I thought this was my house! They should know who the hell I am!” – Ewing on The Garden

— John Fanta (@John_Fanta) March 11, 2021

According to NBC News, the security guards are enforcing Covid-19 protocols which have “made moving around a hassle for the Knicks legend”:

Patrick Ewing is making a return to Madison Square Garden for the Big East Tournament semifinals, but COVID-19 protocols have made moving around a hassle for the Knicks legend.

— NBC10 Boston (@NBC10Boston) March 12, 2021

Keep in mind, a number of top teams will miss the NCAA Tournament this year BECAUSE OF COVID-19 INFECTIONS. These security guards are literally just doing what they’ve been told to do to make sure teams like Georgetown can finish the season:

March Madness: Kansas, Virginia, Duke All Forced To Withdraw From Conference Tournaments Due To Positive Covid Tests

— Forbes SportsMoney (@ForbesSports) March 12, 2021

But, Ewing is getting a lot of support from his fans:

Spike Lee rips MSG for disrespecting Patrick Ewing.

— First Take (@FirstTake) March 12, 2021

Note: The actual owner of the team has been denied access to MSG so this isn’t a race issue:

As for Patrick Ewing I think what he said was tongue & cheek. MSG security is just doing their jobs. About 15 years ago James Dolan was temporarily denied access because he didn’t have proper ID. And he owns the place. It happens to everyone.

— Frank Isola (@TheFrankIsola) March 12, 2021

And were these security guards even alive when Ewing last suited up for the Knicks?

.@BrandonTierney NOT holding back on Ewing on @MandMWFAN: “Who the hell is anybody to chastise people for doing their job? Pat, I got news for you: you never won a title, and you haven’t been there in 20 years. That ain’t your house.”

— WFAN Sports Radio (@WFAN660) March 12, 2021

It’s Ewing who should apologize, not the security guards:

Some national sports network I won’t name defending Patrick Ewing’s outburst about being asked for credentials to enter MSG. “Don’t you know who I am?” is not a good look. MSG employee during COVID-19 doing their job. The ex Knick should apologize not berate.

— PCBS (@PCBSNews19) March 12, 2021


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