Pilot bought Epstein jet before sex-trafficking bust. He’s now suing, calling plane ‘tainted’…

In June 2019, Thomas Huff, a pilot and businessman from Georgia, bought a Gulfstream jet and an adjoining limited liability company, together worth at least $3.5 million. The seller: Jeffrey Epstein, who about a month later would be charged with orchestrating a vast sex-trafficking ring and abusing dozens of underage girls.

Now, Huff is suing the executors of Epstein’s estate, alleging the jet-setting financier duped him into buying assets that would eventually be “tainted” by the “stigma” of Epstein’s alleged child abuse.

The company Huff purchased, JEGE, offers customers the opportunity to rent or become a partial owner of the Gulfstream. Alleging that Epstein breached his fiduciary duty to Huff and defrauded him during the sale, Huff is demanding to be compensated for the money he has lost since Epstein’s reputation cast a dark cloud over the airplane business.

Epstein “knew or should have known that his criminal acts which resulted in the victimization and sexual exploitation against … children would, if and when discovered, have a dramatic impact on the assets and value of JEGE,” Huff’s lawsuit states.

Since Epstein’s arrest, the company Huff purchased from him dropped in value by at least $1.5 million, the lawsuit alleges.

Customers who use the plane “some of which are very well known to the public, are tracked, surveilled, and reported to the press” for patronizing the company, the lawsuit states.

“It’s truly affected my client being able to use it,” Jeff Banks, Huff’s lawyer, told the Daily Beast, which first reported on the lawsuit. “A lot of people track the plane, who flies on it, and of course, harass those people, and they don’t want to lease the airplane anymore. So it’s affected his business.”

Following Epstein’s arrest, Huff tried to rescind the jet purchase, but Epstein rejected the attempt, the lawsuit alleges. Had Huff known about Epstein’s alleged criminal behavior, “he would not have purchased JEGE,” the lawsuit states.

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