Planet Of Lana is a stunning cinematic platformer, like Ori meets Inside

Cute pals, silhouetted monsters, and falling down

A screenshot from Planet Of Lana showing a world mostly in shadow. To the left a small creature stands on a ledge, facing a screen-filling giant spider-y thing, it's mouth wide open.

I know when a man like Geoff Keighley stands on a stage like the Summer Game Fest and talks about supporting indie developers, that he’s about to introduce a cinematic platformer. There’s a formula here, right: an emotional story, stunning artwork, stunning animation — oh, wait. Planet Of Lana looks stunning.

Here’s the two minute trailer, that sets the scene:

It’s Ori And The Limbo Of Unravel, but who cares. It’s very pretty. The game is using a mixture of hand-painted backdrops and 3D animation to create its look, and I’m particularly fond of the skittering robots and big beastie in the header image.

Planet Of Lana tells the story of Lana and the little creature she meets in the trailer, called Mui, as they venture out to save Lana’s sister. The dropships seen in the trailer are a “faceless army”, presumably the spiderbots you’re then seen hiding from later in the footage.

The press release also mentions platforming, puzzles, stealth sequences, and a “companion mechanic” through which you use the abilities of Lana and Mui in tandem. It really does seem like pretty standard stuff, but it’s pretty, and it’s not like there’s an abundance of Inside and Little Nightmares and Ori games, so I’m looking forward to it.

Planet Of Lana is the first project from Wishfully Studios, who were founded in 2018. It will come to PC via Steam and the Windows store in late 2022, as well as on Xbox Series X|S.

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