Projin : Fortnite Pro Nick Eh 30 Accused of Hacking

The competitive scene in Fortnite has significantly improved over the years. It currently comprises some of the most skilled Esports athletes in the world, who have been equally successful as content creators. One such celebrated pro and popular content creator is Nick Eh 30. He has been playing Fortnite since day one and still creates content for his large user base worldwide.

It won’t be an overstatement that Nick Eh 30 is one of the best Fortnite players in the world at the moment. He has won a plethora of competitive tournaments and is an inspiration for aspiring pros and content creators.

Unfortunately, some Twitch viewers have accused Nick Eh 30 of hacking in Fortnite. The streamer was live when he eliminated a distant enemy by hitting two consecutive shots.

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thatdenverguy covered the entire incident in a recent video:

Nick’s Twitch chat had contrasting opinions as soon as he tagged the enemies with two unbelievable shots. While some appreciated the streamer for his skills, others felt he is using an aim-bot.

Nick Eh 30’s suspicious aim in Fortnite might have been just bloom luck

Gun mechanics in Fortnite largely revolve around bloom, which affects the placement and size of a player’s crosshair based on their movements like walking, crouching, jumping, and standing. In simple words, bloom increases the randomness of shots while playing the game.

Constantly hitting distant enemies is next to impossible in Fortnite. Even the best players in the community struggle to master their aim owing to the inevitable bloom. Naturally, Nick Eh 30’s aim surprised the viewers, and even led to many of them believing that the veteran is hacking.

However, it is worth noting that Nick Eh 30 was himself astonished after pulling off such a miraculous play. He even screamed in happiness but soon continued playing the game in his usual calm persona.

Fans of Nick Eh 30 have also gathered to support their favorite player because bloom in Fortnite can often lead to unusual shots. So much so that certain players have posted clips of them hitting three headshots in a row without any hacks. Nick Eh 30 is no exception, and it is safe to assume that his two consecutive shots were mere luck.

Regardless of such accusations, Nick Eh 30 will always remain one of the most loved Fortnite content creators ever. His consistent efforts towards the game have motivated millions of people around the world to play it.

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