Pureya is a quirky collection of minigames coming to iOS and Android later this month

Majorariatto is releasing Pureya, a collection of charming arcade minigames on iOS and Android later this month on 26th March. It’s also coming to PC via Steam.

It’s set in the imagination of a young girl who has scattered her collection of marbles across the room. As she races to collect them, her imagination runs wild and begins conjuring up all sorts of different scenarios in her head.

Pureya is part of the #SteamGameFestival

A different game every 10 seconds!

Try the demo now and add it to your wishlist.https://t.co/8c98ZFpKuo #indiedev pic.twitter.com/2m0ZjGGodY
— Majorariatto (@majorariatto) June 17, 2020

These scenarios take the form of 10-second minigames which you act out, collecting all the marbles through these delightful and chaotic minigames which change on the fly.

Some of these minigames can be seen in the trailer below, showcasing you being able to soar like an eagle, dodge cannon fire and tiptoes as a flamingo to gather as many marbles as possible.

You are able to spend these marbles in the pachinko machine to unlock new games, skins and collectible medals. There’s also an endless mode which tests your skills in any of the minigames or allows you to practice on any you struggle with. The game uses two-button controls and a dynamic difficulty which adjusts depending on how well or poorly you’re performing, meaning Pureya is accessible to as many people as possible.

“Classic arcade games are wonderful, but they can quickly become tedious,” says Alva Majo, creator of Pureya. “I wanted to enhance that experience with engaging 10-second intervals. Whether you’re looking for a quick 2-minute play session or hours of earning skins and collectibles, pureya’s accessibility and variety of modes offer never-ending minigame madness.”

You can download Pureya on 26th March from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, although the store pages aren’t live yet. It will be a paid title which costs $3.99 on mobile.

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