Roman Faraldo on Bellator 262 opponent: ‘I’m his superior’

For welterweight Roman Faraldo there is not much to complain about when it comes to his win over Trevor Gudde at Bellator 255 this past April.

Not only did Faraldo pick up his fifth win a row to kick off his career, but he managed to also finish his fifth straight opponent as well with the first round TKO of Gudde.

“I was looking to showcase a little more of my skills, but all in all it went well,” Faraldo told “I came out with a first round knockout and you can’t ask for much more than that.

“Unless you’re in there it’s kind of hard to relate to, but it’s something that when you know you’re in there with your superior you can freeze under those (circumstances). He knew it. You could see it in the fight. I was like a caged lion ready to attack and I think he felt that and felt overwhelmed by the pressure.”

While he was already doing well in his career, this past year Faraldo made changes to his training and feels like it has been paying off in how much more of a complete fighter he’s become.

“I’ve been fortunate enough these last two fights I’ve been with American Top Team,” said Faraldo. “I’ve seen strides in my game moving in a positive way tremendously. I can’t speak higher enough about ATT.

“The quality of fighters and competitors there is bar-none. I haven’t been to a gym like this. I feel like my game has become so much more well-rounded. 2021 Roman Faraldo is a hard package to deal with, and moving forward I think you’re just going to see me continue to evolve and get better.”

On July 16 in Uncasville, Connecticut, Faraldo (5-0) will look to keep his streaks alive when he faces John Ramirez (5-5) in a 170-pound preliminary bout at Bellator 262.

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“I feel like I need to show up, step in the cage, and fight my fight,” Faraldo said. “I’m not trying to bad-mouth (Ramirez), but it is what it is: I’m his superior. I’m the better fighter. On fight day you’ll see that.

“He’s coming off a big victory, which is fortunate for him, but he hasn’t been in the cage anyone like me. He’s never felt the power, the ferocity – I come in there to finish you – I come in there to take you out and break your soul.”

For Faraldo there is pressure to keep doing what he’s doing, but it’s a motivator for him and not a deterrent. What helps him get through it is focusing on the here and now, and not getting caught up in anything else surrounding him.

“I’d be lying to you if I said there wasn’t pressure,” said Faraldo. “There is pressure, but pressure makes diamonds. You need pressure to evolve, you need it. If you’re avoiding pressure you’re not growing. Pressure is a good thing. I look for pressure. I live for the pressure.

“I can’t just pop into the ring with the best in the world and expect to perform if I’m not doing what I’m doing on a day to day basis; it’s one day at a time. I’m focused on doing what I need to do today: get my training done, eat right, take care of what I need to take care of, and eventually you look back and you’ve checked all your boxes and you’re ready to go.”

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