A quick lunch of Sam’s Club hot dogs just became an even better deal.

Costco is known for its great prices on bulk quantities of everything from toilet paper to cases of water, but those budget-friendly stickers extend to its food options as well. Whether it’s the $1.50 hot dog deal or the $5 rotisserie chickens, Costco is a crowd favorite and the prices on some of these items have never gone up. But now the battle swords have been raised as Sam’s Club hot dogs are on sale—for less than the price of those at Costco.

What Are Sam’s Club Hot Dogs Priced At?

In what seems like a move that has hot dog lovers all aflutter, the Sam’s Club hotdog combo is now only $1.38. This is not only lower than the previous cost of $1.50 but also lower than the Costco price for the same combo, which is still $1.50.

There’s an added bonus to this deal, too. A little-known Sam’s Club secret is that anyone can eat in the Sam’s Club café, whether or not they happen to be a Sam’s Club member. This and the discounted hot dog combo are sure to woo some hungry shoppers away from Costco and to Sam’s Club.

Is Sam’s Club Cheaper Than Costco?

So, is Sam’s Club a better deal than Costco? It would seem so, at least in the hot dog department. Sam’s Club’s membership fees are a little cheaper, too, as they range between $50-$110 for various tiers compared to $60 and $120 at Costco.

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