Sarah Paulson, Hollywood DPs Lead Charge in Halyna Hutchins Donations

Sarah Paulson
Among Many in Hollywood
Donating $$$ for Halyna Hutchins

10/28/2021 1:00 AM PT

sarah paulson halyna hutchins

Halyna Hutchins is being honored in more ways than one by her Hollywood peers — including financial help for her family, with a major A-list actress and a ton of fellow cinematographers donating.

Sarah Paulson is among the many high-profile people who’ve donated to a GoFundMe page set up on behalf of Hutchins’ loved ones … which is well on its way to hitting a quarter of a million dollars at this point, with a mere $10k goal to begin with.

gofund me donations

The ‘American Horror Story’/’Crime Story’ star plunked down $1,000 of her own cash toward the cause a few days ago, but she’s far from the only notable figure chipping in for the director of photography.

Big-name DPs have also contributed to the GFM account — including Larry Fong (“Super 8,” “Sucker Punch”), Niels Alpert (“Sleepy Hollow,” “Iron Fist”) and Reed Morano (“The Handmaid’s Tale,” “I Think We’re Alone Now”) … just to name a few.

Petition · Time to ban the use of real firearms on set and demand better crew working conditions! ·

— Sarah Paulson (@MsSarahPaulson) October 24, 2021

They donated $2,500, $2,500 and $1,500, respectively.

There’s more these folks are doing behind the scenes too, BTW, including Sarah … who signed and shared a petition that seeks to ban the use of real firearms on sets — not to mention demanding better working conditions for crew members.

Remembering Halyna Hutchins

Part of the description for the petition reads, “There is no excuse for something like this to happen in the 21st century. Real guns are no longer needed on film production sets. This isn’t the early 90’s, when Brandon Lee was killed in the same manner. Change needs to happen before additional talented lives are lost.”

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