Saweetie says that a number of her supporters consider her West Coast royalty and have crowned her as the “Queen of the Bay,” an honor she reacted to during an interview with The Bootleg Kev Podcast.

“I don’t want to self-proclaim the ‘Queen statement,’ but when I’m in certain cities or certain areas, they’ll just call me this and call me that,” she said of the moniker being bestowed upon her. “I’ve been called the ‘Queen of California’ and many queen things. It’s not something I’m trying to title, that’s why I had another voice say it on my [The Single Life] project. I don’t like it when people self-proclaim.”

The Oakland-bred beauty recently made headlines after her new mixtape The Single Life reportedly sold less than 2,000 copies upon its release. Many of her peers and social media users questioned the discrepancy in her popularity on social media in comparison to the fanfare of her latest musical effort, including Sonny Digital and Hitmaka. TDE rapper Reason even offered to assist her in writing her lyrics, arguing that Saweetie has already proved her star power, but just needs to be “developed” as an artist.

In addition to speaking on her Queendom, Saweetie also spoke on her willingness to join forces with Chicago rapper Dreezy for a collaborative project.

“I would do a joint album with Dreezy,” she revealed to Bootleg Kev. “I’ve been wanting to collaborate with another woman and I really like Dreezy.” The “My Type” rapper and Dreezy previously sparked rumors of the pair possibly working together when Saweetie was captured gifting Dreezy with a cake on her birthday while in the studio.

While The Single Life may not have performed to expectations, the Grammy Award nominee is still gearing up for the release of her debut album, Pretty Bi**h Music, which is preceded by the hit singles “Tap In” and “Best Friend” featuring Doja Cat.

Listen to The Single Life below.

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