Sean Strickland blasts Belal Muhammad for running his mouth after callout: ‘I’m going to smack you’

Sean Strickland is not a fan of Belal Muhammad and he says he wants to smack him.

After Luke Rockhold was forced out of his UFC 268 fight against Strickland, several fighters including Muhammad called him out. Although Muhammad competes at welterweight he said Strickland isn’t a big middleweight and wants to beat him up as he “hates that piece of trash.” To no surprise, that did not sit well for the seventh-ranked middleweight.

“Listen, Belal Muhammad, I heard you’re running you’re f*****g mouth,” Strickland said in an Instagram video. “Last time you were in Vegas I tried to spar you because I knew you were a little f*****g b***h and I wanted to hurt you and it was a good excuse to do it. But, now with you f****g running your mouth next time I see you I could just f*****g backhand you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity you little f*****g b***h.”

In the caption of the video, Sean Strickland also took another shot at Muhammad and said he’d slap him next time he sees him.

“@bullyb170 I’ve never seen you fight but next time you’re in Vegas I’m going to smack you. For free… Rankings me nothing to be but I have to go through them to get a title shot.. I don’t mind waiting for something that matters,” Strickland wrote.

With Strickland likely not interested in the fight with Muhammad, he says he eyes a return in January hopefully on UFC 270 which is targeted to take place in California. Regardless of where his next fight is, he says he wants his next fight to be against an opponent that propels him towards a title shot.

“But, on a more serious note, now I wanted Luke Rockhold because his name carries weight. He’s an ex-champion. Like you beat Luke Rockhold it artificially bumps you up into like a two, three spot to where you beat the next guy and get a title shot,” Strickland continued in the video. “I don’t give a f**k about rankings man, there are so many savages that aren’t ranked. But, like we’re all in this to fight for a belt right? There’s a card in California I think in January and a couple of my buddies might be on it and I wouldn’t mind fight in my home state, right where I grew up. But, you know I would like the fight to carry weight. If I fight, I want the fight to mean something and potentially put me in line for a title shot.”

What do you make of Sean Strickland blasting Belal Muhammad?

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