Southern Charm Stars Play ‘Would You Rather?’ Game at BravoCon

Don’t mess with the ladies of Southern Hospitality.

Republic Lounge co-workers Maddi Reese and Mia Alario are unleashing a firestorm of F-bombs on VIP host Joe Bradley after finding out he’s been pursuing them both in E! News’ exclusive preview of the Bravo show’s Jan. 23 season finale.

“What a f–king loser!” Mia says in the sneak peek. “What the f–k? He’s just like playing everybody that like comes across his path.”

After making out in a car earlier that day, Mia claims Joe told her, “Mia, I care about you, I want to see you tonight. You’re so pretty, you’re so beautiful.”

But minutes prior, Maddi reveals he made a similar confession to her. “Before he got in the car with you, he’s sitting on the boat telling me he’s in love with me,” she tells Mia, “and he’s always been.”

“Joe Bradley’s a psychopath,” Maddi says in a confessional. “Like, to sit there with me and f–king cry and five seconds later you’re saying this to Mia? It kind of invalidates everything you just said to me.”

After telling each other the truth, the duo confront Joe over his two-timing ways.

“You are so f–king stupid!” Maddi screams at him in the club in front of their boss Leva Bonaparte. “After the boat you made out with her?”

While it’s difficult to make out what both of them are saying during their explosive rants, plenty of F-bombs are dropped in front of Leva’s customers. However, once Leva hears their stories, she understands their anger.

“If you are managing and you are messing with someone who is subordinate to you,” Leva says in a confessional, “it is absolutely unacceptable.”

See the heated confrontation go down in the preview above.

Southern Hospitality‘s season finale airs Monday, Jan. 23, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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