Shanghai School News Roundup: October 2021

Challenge Week at Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi


Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi Senior School Challenge Week provided students with memorable opportunities from water sports, cycling various terrains and crab fishing to braving the weather while camping. Year 10-12 completed their qualifying adventurous journey expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh International Award; navigating routes around Dianshan Lake and Chongming Island using their compass and mapping skills in a kayak, whilst carrying all of their own equipment for the week!  Experiential education is an integral part of the Dulwich College curriculum that prepares students to ‘Graduate Worldwise’ and ‘Live Worldwise.’

SCIS United Nations International Day of Peace


One of the many ways SCIS celebrates its truly unique and diverse community is through campus-wide recognition of the United Nations International Day of Peace. With over 60 nationalities represented within its community, school hallways become filled with vivid and colorful traditional dress proudly worn by international students.

Dulwich Pudong Senior School Students Lead the Way


The student-led One Voice Summit took place last month. The mission of this annual event is to inspire young people to collaborate and to challenge each other to come up with solutions for their schools and communities, which will have a positive impact on people and the planet. The One Voice Summit features inspirational keynote speeches to start the day, followed by small, student-run working groups called “Lightbulb sessions.”

YCYW Starts Countdown to 90th Anniversary


Delivering 90 years of outstanding international education is quite an achievement. Recently, the entire network of Yew Chung and Yew Wah schools celebrated their Founder’s Day with sports, music and arts events. It was a poignant union for the schools as they celebrated rebounding from risk and uncertainty over the past two years and rejoicing in the history and legacy of the organization in the lead-up to its 90th anniversary next year.

Wellington College International Shanghai Launches Dual Language Programme


This year Wellington College International Shanghai has introduced an all new dual language programme for its youngest pupils. With this ambitious pilot project, the College aims to create fully bilingual, biliterate and bicultural pupils through immersion in a dual Chinese and English learning environment.

Welcome to BISS Puxi Christmas Fair!


Get in the holiday spirit at the BISS Puxi Winter Fair on December 4 from 11am-4pm. Start your Christmas shopping at a unique outdoor market. There will be local vendors, games for the children and specialty foods, perfect for finding one-of-a-kind gifts! BISS Puxi’s team of elves are also setting up Santa’s grotto ready for good little boys and good little girls to meet Santa and receive a Christmas surprise.

NAIS Pudong Welcome Back Lunch


Good food and good company were on the menu at NAIS Pudong’s Welcome Back lunch. Organized by their fantastic Parent Community Association, new and old parents met up to mark the start of the new school year. It was a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and to welcome new families to NAIS Pudong.

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