Erene Mastrangeli

Acclaimed queer singer-songwriter Erene Mastrangeli recently released her debut album, Loveshine, via Angels Music Records.

Moved by the tragic Pulse nightclub mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, Mastrangeli wrote the title track, “Love, Shine,” channeling her profound emotions through music.

Mastrangeli explains, “Each song on the album presents love as a solution to every issue, whether it is self-love and self-compassion, love and compassion towards another person, or universal love. Love is always the answer!”

Born in Italy, Mastrangeli is frequently referred to as “the Italian Joni Mitchell.” While growing up in Italy, she studied jazz voice, classical guitar, and piano. Her songwriting prowess emerged as she performed alongside top jazz musicians.

Later, Mastrangeli relocated to New York City, where her sound evolved, influenced by American and Italian styles. She performed at venues such as The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, and the United Nations. She also made waves in Nashville and Austin, sharing stages with esteemed artists like Patrice Pike.

Produced by Daniele Sinigallia, Loveshine opens with the title track, rolling out on a gentle acoustic guitar riding a mid-tempo rhythm. Mastrangeli’s exquisite vocals, which indeed conjure up suggestions of Joni Mitchell, glides effortlessly above the melody, imbuing the lyrics with vibrant, crystalline tones.

Entry points include “Lies And Cries,” blending luscious folk/pop flavors with hints of jazz, resulting in warm, shimmering layers of sound topped by the benevolent-Siren-like timbres of Mastrangeli’s wonderful voice.

The drifting, gliding feel of “Rain, Rain” provides a lush matrix for Mastrangeli’s slightly dreamy yet oh-so-gorgeous vocals, infusing the lyrics with charming surfaces. Low-slung and charmingly buoyant, “I Can Turn Away” reveals creamy, resonant textures that percolate softly with delightfully optimistic energy.

A personal favorite, the last track, “We Are Treasures,” allows Mastrangeli to parade the range of her voice, from sweet melodicism to towering high notes. It’s a superb voice, at once passionate, bewitching, and infusing listeners with expectation.

Ooh la la! Without a doubt, without hesitancy, with Loveshine, Erene Mastrangeli offers what is certainly one of the best albums of the year.

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