Sirin Labs launches a two-in-one, secured phone solution with military-grade encryption

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Sirin Labs, the maker of the SOLARIN and FINNEY, the first blockchain-enabled smartphone, launches the secured dual persona SIRIN V3 smartphone, setting a new standard for data security with its isolated data-transfer and communications ecosystem. Based on Samsung’s newest line of business-class devices, the V3 provides a military-grade encrypted “Work Space” mode in addition to the standard smartphone, all in one device.

When WhatsApp kicked off 2021 by announcing a privacy update signaling it would share user data with parent company Facebook, outrage ensued and many flocked to alternatives, such as Signal and Telegram, which claim to have stronger end-to-end encryption. The reality is that all of these apps can be hacked if the attacker wants the data badly enough. As cybercrimes continue to skyrocket and state-level actors threaten institutions and individuals across the globe, Sirin Labs offers a solution that empowers users to enjoy every aspect of a regular smartphone, along with a closed-off Work Space mode that keeps user data—as well as organizational data—truly private.

Built on the Samsung Knox mobile security platform, the V3 functions as two phones in one. The multifaceted mobile device contains two fully functional systems separated by an encoded partition: a personal mode with complete user autonomy and strong baseline security, and a dedicated workspace that keeps user data and professional communications safe from bad actors. Each mode is entirely isolated, and switching between the two is effortless. While both sides of the V3’s dual persona are highly secure, the workspace mode is in a league of its own, with military-grade encrypted call and messaging features, enhanced security on common business communication platforms, and end-to-end encrypted business apps and data, all on an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Sirin developed the V3 as a highly-compatible, customized Samsung smartphone with a specific set of ultra-secure apps and programs. Consumers can purchase the V3 solution on the foundation of any recent Samsung smartphone for 2,000 USD. Kenges Rakishev, Co-Founder of Sirin Labs said:

Sirin Labs has always strived to bring highly secured smartphones to truly protect user data. We’ve done it twice with our previous phones, the SOLARIN and the FINNEY, but with the announcement of our third-generation secure communication solution, the SIRIN V3, we’re packing two phones with unbeatable security into a single unit.

Zvika, Landa, the CEO of Sirin Labs added to Rakishev’s words by stating:

With the arrival of the V3, a truly secure and accessible mobile device is finally here. This dual-persona device raises the bar for encrypted security while delivering the same functions that one would expect from a personal and professional phone, all in one. Simply put, the existential threat posed by cyber-criminals has finally met its match with the V3.

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