On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Decal Works we take a look back at a very Trick KTM 300 TPI off-road project with the crew at Slavens Racing for rider Shaun Langham. Tom Webb walks us through this over-the-top build that includes factory level components everywhere you look. We keep the KTM 300 theme going in the 2-Stroke History section and 2-Stroke Behind The Build is the complete story on our 2019 KTM 300 XC project with Vertex Piston. If you are a KTM 300 fan this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday is a must-see !

There aren’t many riders who equip their KTM 300XC-W TPI with a WP Cone Valve fork, WP Pro Component Trax shock (www.powerbandracing.com), X-Trig Rocs clamps (www.xtrig.com), Ti footpegs, GET ignition, Faster USA wheelset and enough titanium (bolts and axles) and carbon fiber accoutrements to make a factory rider jealous—before they ever ride it! That’s only a portion of the list, which includes an S3 Mule head (www.slavensracing.com), FMF exhaust, Hoosier tires, Rekluse Radius CX clutch, Bulletproof protection, along with a gaggle of KTM Hard Parts.

This 300 uses the very trick Xtrig ROCS triple clamps, stock bars and ODI grips, along with the GET adjustable ECU programmed by Slavens Racing.

FMF’s Gnarly pipe gets a sano P3 carbon fiber guard. The Ti pegs come from Raptor, the radiator guards from Bulletproof (www.bulletproofdesigns.com), a fan kit (you can’t see) from KTM Hard Parts, the exotic carbon fiber frame guards and ignition cover come from Extreme Carbon (www.extremecarbon.eu).

The swingarm protector is a KTM Hard Parts piece, the chainguide from TM Designs, the guide strengthener from Bulletproof, the chain is an RK X-ring and the sprocket is a Renthal Twin Ring. The side stand is Pro Moto Billet, the saddle from Seat Concepts and behind all of it is the very trick Cone Valve suspension from WP.

middle content two stroke

The WP Cone Valve suspension, Faster USA wheels and X-Trig clamps are major buys, and will set you back right around $7800! Shaun gets his WP Pro Component suspension from Powerband Racing
(www.powerbandracing.com).  Loving their service and setup, he’s purchased five sets of Cone Valve suspension from them!

An FMF Ti muffler from KTM Hard Parts highlights the exhaust system.

The Faster USA wheelsets are super strong and durable. The ti axles come from Portugal, and the titanium hardware is from Doc Wob in Euro. The Hoosier rubber was yet untested.


You could probably call the KTM 300 the Volksmotard; the people’s motorcycle.  Never mind what Pros ride or what champions race, the KTM is 300 was inspired, designed and demanded by everyday riders. American riders. Its list of pro championships is surprisingly short, but the KTM 300 is the most demanded and respected dirt bike among the rank and file of American Regular Guys, and it’s held that position for over 20 years.



We started our trail build with the last 300XC model to come equipped with a carburetor: the 2019 KTM 300XC. This machine was fairly well-received by the carbureted community as a whole but did have some issues. One major issue was the constant need to modify jetting specs in the Mikuni unit that came on the bike stock. KTM had fought this issue since changing to Mikuni in 2016, making niche carburetor companies like Smart Carb and Lectron very happy. Keihin carburetors were standard issue before that, and we are still scratching our heads at KTM’s decision to change.


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