Solana [SOL] plunges after Denial-of-Service attack

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Solana [SOL] plunges after Denial-of-Service attack


Solana, the rapidly growing Ethereum competitor, suffered a denial-of-service disruption. A Twitter account called ‘Solana Status’ updated the community that the layer one blockchain protocol’s mainnet beta had been suffering intermittent instability for quite some time. Solana reportedly encountered the problem due to a massive surge in transaction load to 400,000 per second that flooded the network to create a DoS attack and trigger forking.

The tweet regarding the same read,

“Solana Mainnet Beta encountered a large increase in transaction load which peaked at 400,000 TPS. These transactions flooded the transaction processing queue, and lack of prioritization of network-critical messaging caused the network to start forking.”

According to the announcement, the subsequent forking resulted in excessive memory consumption, leading to some nodes going offline. Solana Status revealed that despite engineers across the ecosystem trying to stabilize the network, the attempt was unsuccessful. The community elected validator then resorted to restarting the network.

“The Solana validator community successfully completed a restart of Mainnet Beta after an upgrade to 1.6.25. Dapps, block explorers, and supporting systems will recover over the next several hours, at which point full functionality should be restored.”

Hours later, Solana Status confirmed the successful competition of the network’s Mainnet Beta restarts by the validator community after an upgrade to 1.6.25. It further stated that decentralized applications [DApps], block explorers, as well as supporting systems would recuperate in the next several hours, at which point full functionality should be restored.

Solana [SOL] sees double-digit correction

SOL 7D graph coinmarketcap

The native SOL token had been one of the best-performing assets this summer. SOL had earlier decoupled from top crypto-assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to rally and climb to the 7th spot on the leaderboard. However, after an astounding rally during the 2021 summer, the token formed lower lows on the chart depicting a fading momentum.

The latest blockchain outage further dragged the token down. Just hours after the development, SOL lost more than 15% falling from $170 to $144. Since then, SOL has managed to recover to the press time price of $164.

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