Southwest Spring Gardening Tips

//Southwest Spring Gardening Tips
Southwest Spring Gardening Tips

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Spring gardening across the United States varies from region to region. However, gardening in the Southwest has numerous perks—colorful plants and tremendous foliage.

Use these tips to ensure that you properly prepare for the hot and dry desert weather that’s looming on the horizon, and that your garden is in tip-top shape this season.

Since spring comes very early in the desert, it’s advantageous to get a jump-start in the beginning of April.

Mulch should be in place before the true summer heat arrives in May.

Replace cool-season annuals with bloomers that can take the warm weather. Plants like celosia, marigolds, verbena, salvias, and petunias are all equipped to handle the dry heat. Be sure to get these heat-loving annuals in the ground as soon as the seedlings are for sale.

Throughout April, plant container-grown trees, shrubs, and perennial flowers. All planting should be finished before the end of the month.

During May, rainfall in the Southwest can be scarce—meaning that effective watering is of the upmost importance.

Utilize either a hose or an irrigation system, and water various times throughout the week. The secret to a flourishing garden is to water frequently and deeply during the first year after planting.

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