Spot the FED! Glenn Greenwald highlights ‘mysterious not-yet-indicted Ray Epps’ who was caught on video inciting Capitol breach on Jan 6

By now, we’ve all seen footage of the rather tall, clean-cut gentlemen wearing a MAGA hat doing his best to encourage and even incite protesters to break into the Capitol on January 6. But who is he? Is he really a fed? What’s going on with this man whose name is Ray Epps and why has he not been indicted like most of the others? Especially with all of the footage we have available of the guy doing stuff that’s WAY WORSE than those who have already been indicted.

You can literally see him directing people to the Capitol and calling for them to break into the building.

What gives?

.@DarrenJBeattie: “The FBI scrubbed Epps’ face from their public database just a day after Revolver ran a report on fellow Oathkeeper Stewart Rhodes. Who is also unindicted.”

Revolver News On Epps:

Revolver News On Rhodes:

— The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) October 26, 2021

Now, why oh why would the FBI scrub this man’s face?

Who is Ray Epps?

What is your favorite color?

Ok, we need more coffee …

The ongoing mystery of Ray Epps, who repeatedly appears in videos encouraging and inciting an invasion of the Capitol on 1/6 yet, for some reason, has not yet been indicted or charged, even as people with far less involvement have been:

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) October 26, 2021

Ongoing mystery aka something really stinks here.

As with so many other things and people around the January 6 riot.

Welcome to life under the religion of state power

— Senator Blutarsky (@AllsupChris) October 26, 2021


Things that make you say, hmmmm.

— Not Hike (@Not_Hike) October 26, 2021

Hmmmm indeed.

So the Feds were the ones inciting a riot 🤔

— MiSuzie870 (@MiSuzie870) October 26, 2021

Maaaaaybe? *adjusts tinfoil hat*



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