Survivor Season 41 Boasts One of the Show’s Most Diverse Casts in History

survivor season 41 cast


There’s a whole new season of Survivor, and a whole new cast looking to win a nice $1 million. 18 people from all over the country have descended on an island in Fiji to test their resilience and mental and physical fortitude, as if 2020 didn’t test that enough for all of us.

In case you’re joining the show for the first time: Survivor follows groups of people put into tribes and given minimal supplies to survive on an island; all they have is each other. Each episode, the tribes have to compete in immunity challenges. Whichever tribe wins, doesn’t have to send anyone home that night. For the losers, a fiercely strategic game commences to find out which of them is going home. Once the tribes are thinned out, everyone combines into one tribe, and the game’s goal is then to be the last one standing.

There’s a lot of twists thrown in with each year, and season 41 is no exception. This season, players have no food to start with, and within the first episode, two of the three tribes had their flint taken away. Plus, there’s only 26 days of filming versus the usual 39, so the intensity has ramped up.

Another exciting piece of news for the new season: this is the most diverse cast of Survivor yet. It’s a refreshing sight to see the show better represent the multicultural country it draws its competitors from. Who would decide to put themselves through this hell? To be on Survivor, you’ve got to forget everything about the real world, and focus on, well, surviving in both a social and physical game. It also helps to know how you want to play the game, whether it’s emulating a past winner’s gameplay or doing something different. Here are the 18 players for season 41 of Survivor.

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Brad Reese

A 50-year-old rancher from Shawnee, Wyoming, Brad is a perfect candidate for Survivor since he likes to “live life on the edge.” In his regular life, he nearly died from a rattlesnake bite, and was nearly blown up by a propane tank. Hopefully not on the same day.

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Danny McCray

This ex-NFL player is here to win. He says he wants to play the game like Ben “Boom” Drierbergen, who won Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and came in fifth in season 40’s Winners at War.

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David Voce

Neurosurgeon David Voce believes his career has best prepared him for the challenges of Survivor. He knows how to be calm in stressful situations, and says he can charm his competition like he charms his patients.

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Deshawn Radden

If Deshawn could play the game like any former Survivor contestants, he says he’d be the love child of Cirie Fields and Wendell Holland. He’s determined to “outplay, outwit, and outlast” the rest of the competition no matter what.

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Eric Abraham

A cyber security analyst from Texas, Eric Abraham is all about pushing himself to new heights. He describes himself as open-minded, optimistic, and confident. All good traits to go into a game like no other.

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Erika Casupanan

Erika says she was manipulative before she even knew what manipulation was. Despite her short stature (she’s 5 feet tall) and youthful appearance, Erika says she’ll be a force to reckon with during the season.

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Evvie Jagoda

A PhD student, Evvie believes her brains will be more than enough to guarantee her the win in Survivor. Plus, she says she has an “infectious” personality that’ll charm her competitors.

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Genie Chen

Genie doesn’t have any former contestants she wants to play like. She plans on having multiple alliances to get ahead in the game, and says her likable personality will make people trust her.

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Heather Aldret

Observant and resilient, Heather says she has the guts to get through anything that comes her way this season. And she says she has a high tolerance for pain, which hopefully won’t be necessary.

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Jairus “JD” Robinson

Two time state track champion JD has the athletic prowess to get through Survivor. As for the social aspect, JD says he’s always been a popular kid, and is a natural charmer. He wants to be not only as good as fan-favorite winner Parvati, but better.

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Liana Wallace

A college student from Evanston, Illinois, Liana plans to do some sneaky gameplay, emulating Tony Vlachos, who won not one, but two seasons of Survivor. She expects to be underestimated, only to rise to the top.

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Naseer Muttalif

Coming from a difficult childhood, Naseer believes he already has the tools to get through a season on Survivor. He also has an engaging personality, and says winning the game would be his greatest achievement.

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Ricard Foyé

In his day to day life, Ricard is able to pick up and go at a whim. His ability to adapt to new situations quickly is just one of the positives he hopes to bring into his Survivor gameplay. He also says he won’t let his emotions get to him.

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Sara Wilson

She may seem sweet, but Sara says she’s tougher than she looks. The healthcare consultant from Boston says she’s good at reading people and can tell when someone’s lying to her. A MIT grad, Sara says she has both the mental and physical strength to get to the top.

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Shantel “Shan” Smith

A pastor in Washington, DC, Shan has had a storied past she knows has prepared her for the show. Besides her mother, one of her heroes is Xena, from Xena: The Warrior Princess, which should tell you all you need to know about her determination and confidence.

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Sydney Segal

Armed with great social skills and athletic ability, Sydney believes she’ll be a strong contender to win Survivor. She’s a super fan of the show and says her Survivor IQ is high. If she could play like any past contestant, she says it’d be Natalie White.

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Tiffany Seely

Tiffany describes herself as funny, loving and “LOUD.” The teacher and mother of two says she’s able to read people and see the bigger picture. “I know when to strike when the iron is hot,” she says.

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Xander Hastings

An app developer in Chicago, Xander says he’s a jack of all trades, and wants to mirror the “pretty-boy-challenge-beast-charmers” of games past. He also says he “won’t rest” until he gets that $1 million. With that much money on the line, we wouldn’t rest either.

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