Taiwan close to rolling out digital COVID-19 vaccine pass

Taiwan has completed the design of its national digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate system, though no date has been set yet for its implementation.

According to a CNA news report, the certificate will be digital proof showing a person’s vaccinations status, negative COVID-19 test report and whether they have recovered from the disease.

It is based on the model adopted by the European Union for its EU Digital COVID Certificate that was launched in July. 

The country will also pursue mutual recognition of the digital pass with other countries, taking into consideration the effectiveness and credibility of a traveller’s COVID-19 vaccine and methods of recognition, Health Minister Chen Shih-chung said.

The state official said Taiwan will accept those whose vaccines received an emergency use authorisation from the government; It will also accept some World Health Organization-approved brands with “potential exceptions”.


Other Asia-Pacific countries have started rolling out their digital COVID-19 vaccine certificates. The Philippines started issuing digital vaccination passes for overseas workers in September. 

Malaysia has also developed a vaccine certificate in digital form stored in the government’s MySejahtera contact tracing app. Recently, it launched a mobile app to check the authenticity of a person’s vaccination pass.

Australia, meanwhile, has begun producing certifications for overseas travel; citizens and Australian visa holders with valid passports and whose vaccination records are with the Australian Immunisation Register can obtain an international proof of COVID-19 immunisation.

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