Elon Musk indicates that Tesla FSD Version 11 will go to wide release in December, 2022 for anyone who purchased FSD in the US.

This would likely mean that at the Jan 20th, 2023 earnings call they should recognize all of the deferred revenue. 50% of the FSD price was deferred until all features were available.

By “wide release next month” do you mean to those who currently have beta or to anyone who purchased FSD who won’t have to do safety score.

— Zack (@BLKMDL3) November 21, 2022

Tesla has also placed a large order with Taiwan Semiconductor for more advanced chips (4 nanometer or so) for more advanced hardware 4 for full self driving. Hardware 4 should enable FSD to be over 10 times safer than average human drivers versus up three or four times safer with Hardware 3.

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