The best Android games you can play without Wi-Fi

When it comes to playing games, our Android devices are an easy option, often with loads of games to choose from. Though you do need an internet connection or mobile data to download these games, you might be looking for games to play when you do have poor internet connectivity or just want to save out on some data.

If you are looking for some Android games you can play without having wifi or using data, we have handpicked a few that are well worth downloading for the times you are less connected! These games will still work, allowing you to play and enjoy games on your phone even if you have a dodgy connection!

Let’s get into the list.



Dead Cells

Developer: Motion Twin

Publisher: Motion Twin

Genre: Action, Adventure

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a rogue-lite, Metroidvania, action platformer that will keep you captivated while giving you a very challenging game to play through. You need to fight your way through a castle that is procedurally generated – always changing – in hopes of making it further each time. Once you have gone as far as you are able, you will die – but probably learn a lot about Dead Cells, and hopefully be able to make it further when you restart…By the way, they have released a DLC, in case you haven’t noticed!


Monument Valley 2

Developer: ustwo

Genre: Puzzle

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is a beautiful, colourful puzzle game where you can control the daughter or mother (or both) characters, trying to solve various puzzles that relate to the architecture that you see around you. These puzzles almost seem too challenging to solve, until you click something in place and then you’ll finally see the solution. The gameplay is wonderful and it makes for a very fun set of beautiful puzzles.



Publisher: Devolver Digital

Genre: Card/board game

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Reigns (or any of the games in the Reigns series, actually) can also run on devices that don’t have a connection! Reigns is a tinder-inspired story-based game where you make choices by swiping cards left and right, affecting the kingdom that you are in control of and your own story. Everything is a balance in Reigns, but you never know what the next option is, so you will need to make good decisions to make it far into the narrative.


Stardew Valley

Publisher: Chucklefish

Genre: Multiplayer, Simulation

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a relaxing, farming game where you can turn a little bit of land into a productive farm, while also learning about the people in the town around you and discovering new adventures to have. You can mine, drink at the tavern, fish, fight off monsters, and marry one of the townspeople! In the game, there is a calendar to follow with special events too, which make seasons interesting.


Alto’s Odyssey

Publisher: Snowman

Genre: Endless running

Alto's Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is a sleek, side-scrolling infinite runner with a big “one more go” feel to it. You are skiing through the mountains, solving little quests as you go, collecting coins and hopefully making it further with each run. You can jump, collect coins, and avoid dangers as you watch the mountains in the background fly by. There are different customization options in the game as well, which is a nice way to spend your coins.

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