The Best Portable Cups to Keep Your Smoothie, Juice, or Shake Safe While on the Go

Coffee fanatics have their Zojirushis, and hydration evangelists have their Hydro Flasks. But many avid smoothie consumers (this writer included) are still on the hunt for the best portable cups for their beverage of choice. And there are actually quite a few features required of a vessel to make it suitable for smoothies and their ilk. 

Ideally, a smoothie or juice cup should fit in most car cup holders or external gym bag pockets. It should also stay securely sealed and leak-proof, to protect said cup holders and gym bags. Finally, it should be able to accommodate not only the consistency of something liquid like a juice, but also that of these thicker drinks as well—dainty straws and narrow mouths have no place here. The longer you think about it, the more Goldilocks-esque this task becomes: You’re looking for a cup that isn’t too big but isn’t too small. It needs to be durable but also portable. It needs to be just right

We took all of these key details into account when searching the internet for the best portable cups you can buy right now, and came up with several standouts you should try the next time you whip up a tasty protein shake or cup of exhilarating preworkout, if that’s your thing. Below, find our top picks for on-the-go cups, whether you’re taking a smoothie, shake, juice, or any other cold drink along for the ride.

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